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The Airedale Terrier Clown

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A big tail wag to all the dogs and dog lovers!

My name is Joe, I am an Airedale Terrier.


Like most Airedales I like to do funny things. In fact my full name is Jumping Joe first name was given to me by the person who raised me when after I was born.



This is something you all should try; All kind of smells, vermin of all types, mud, sun, play all day long, most of the time no leash, no too many rules and best of all when the night comes we can sleep in the tent. Dinnertime is a perfect moment to show everybody that you know how to clean up the fire pit and arrange the branches. Humans will insist on cleaning themselves the fire pit; show them one job you can do better than anybody else. If a lake or a river is near by is a take this good opportunity to cool down a little just before bedtime. After one full day of jumping and running what can be better than a nice warm sleeping bag?



Kids are the ultimate fun because it’s easy to lick their faces - man they smell good! Other good thing is that they carry cookies of all types: ice cream, noisy toys and they are funny walking. One thing... pay attention not be seen when you stealing kid's cookies or ice cream. Humans can get really angry on you.


Airedale Stuff

Yawning is the best way on ignoring humans commands, most would not understand what you insinuating. Do not exaggerate though because people are not that stupid. If you're caught doing something you're not allowed to focus on what they're saying. Do not yawn when the talking to you, do not look back or wag tail to another dog across the street. No matter how much training they're investing on you do not forget you're an Airedale and you can take care of yourself.


Bath and grooming time

This is a tricky one. I know you all have bad memories on this. Rolling on dead animals or poop, skunk chase, all end up in the tub. I hate the tub, I hate the shampoo, and I hate the brush and I hate the scary comb. If you are not smart enough to avoid a bath enjoy the moments after bath. Use anything as a face towel it will bring some of the old smell back.


Cleaning up the house

Man this is a good one. If you're fast enough and you know how to open the laundry basket you have a full variety of dirty good smelling clothes. What can be more fun than stealing socks or gloves hiding them on deep holes on the backyard? Keep one or two if you really like the color. The perfect time to do this is when people have friends over. Show everybody your collected work they’ll chase you for sure.

When people are vacuuming is also fun because you can steal brushes run away. Careful though - sometimes you may get caught and have you body vacuumed. It is a terrible sensation!


Bed Time

When bedtime comes pick a nice fuzzy place where you can stay warm and nobody can disturb you. Form time to time, as a good practice you can try getting in the bed with your master, he loves you enough to accept this once in a while. Sleep well.


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