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Location: Bowmanville
Official Name: Juno
GPS: N 43 53.200 / W 78 40.288 Material: Wood
Access: Shore Propulsion: Steam
Level: Novice Type: Steam Barge
Depth: 10' Built: 1885
Bottom: Rocky Sunked: 1915
Current: Low Cargo: -
Hazards: - Dimensions: 114'x24'(27')
Traffic: High Position: Upright


It is pretty difficult to imagine that a wreck can be that close to your backyard. Located at Bowmanville in Lake Ontario, Juno lies in about 10 ft of water. Even if Juno lies in 10 ft of water at about 100 ft from the shore there is nothing to suggest a wreck other that some white jars tied to the propeller. Unlike many wrecks that have been cleaned by mysterious divers Juno still has some stuff left on it.

This is due in part to the efforts of Save Ontario Shipwrecks and those little laws that make artifact removal illegal in Ontario. Some of the things you can still find on the bottom: pulleys and hooks, tool boxes and old square section nails in different sizes. The propeller has 8' in diameter and one of the four blades are buried in the sand. The other three blades are covered by zebra mussels. All pieces are in pretty good shape with nuts and bolts all over. It can give you a rough idea about how the ship looked like. Juno steam barge was 114' long, 27' wide, with a 9' draft and a gross weight of 209 tons. It was built in 1885 and rebuilt 11 years later when it was stretched by about 24' to be able to carry more gravel but has been in its current depth-enhanced location since 1915.

How to get there: Take Liberty South from the 401 and turn East at the Animal Hospital (which is Lake Rd). When you get to the fork in the road, turn South on Port Darlington Rd and go over the RR tracks. Just past the tracks, turn right (West) on West Beach Rd. After going over two bridges and you'll come to "Cove Road/Cedar Crest Beach Road"; turn right. Within 100 or 200 meters you'll come to a bridge that has a plaque on it that starts "1999 Municipality of Clarington/Diane..." Park near the bridge, there is a path on your left hand side which goes to the shore. Walk toward the lake along the path that begins at the south-east corner of the bridge. You'll pass a couple of picnic tables. When you get to the lake, the Juno is about 100' straight out, there is a clogged canal which points the direction to Juno.

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